ISMIR 2005
6th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval

London, UK        11 - 15 September 2005

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Online Proceedings

J. H. Lee, J. S. Downie & S. J. Cunningham: Challenges in Cross-Cultural/Multilingual Music Information Seeking (pp. 1-7)

Cynthia M. Grund: Music Information Retrieval, Memory and Culture: Some Philosohpical Remarks (pp. 8-12)

Noris Mohd Norowi, Shyamala C. Doraisamy & Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat: Factors Affecting Automatic Genre Classification: An Investigation Incorporating Non-Western Musical Forms (pp. 13-20)

Markus Schedl, Peter Knees & Gerhard Widmer: Discovering and Visualizing Prototypical Artists by Web-Based Co-Occurrence Analysis (pp. 21-28)

Ian Knopke: Geospatial Location of Music and Sound Files for Music Information Retrieval (pp. 29-33)

Thomas Lidy & Andreas Rauber: Evaluation of Feature Extractors and Psycho-Acoustic Transformations for Music Genre Classification (pp. 34-41)

Cory McKay, Rebecca Fiebrink, Daniel McEnnis, Beinan Li & Ichiro Fujinaga: ACE: A Framework for Optimizing Music Classification (pp. 42-49)

Koen Tanghe, Micheline Lesaffre, Sven Degroeve, Marc Leman, Bernard De Baets & Jean-Pierre Martens: Collecting Ground Truth Annotations for Drum Detection in Polyphonic Music (pp. 50-57)

Gavin Wood & Simon O'Keefe: On Techniques for Content-Based Visual Annotation to Aid Intra-Track Music Navigation (pp. 58-65)

Christopher Harte, Mark Sandler, Samer Abdallah & Emilia Gómez: Symbolic Representation of Musical Chords: A Proposed Syntax for Text Annotations (pp. 66-71)

Mika Kuuskankare & Mikael Laurson: Annotating Musical Scores in ENP (pp. 72-76)

Perfecto Herrera, Óscar Celma, Jordi Massaguer, Pedro Cano, Emilia Gómez, Fabien Gouyon & Markus Koppenberger: MUCOSA: A Music Content Semantic Annotator (pp. 77-83)

Shoichiro Saito, Hirokazu Kameoka, Takuya Nishimoto & Shigeki Sagayama: Specmurt Analysis of Multi-Pitch Music Signals with Adaptive Estimation of Common Harmonic Structure (pp. 84-91)

Olivier Gillet & Gaël Richard: Drum Track Transcription of Polyphonic Music Using Noise Subspace Projection (pp. 92-99)

Nick Collins: Using a Pitch Detector for Onset Detection (pp. 100-106)

Parag Chordia: Segmentation and Recognition of Tabla Strokes (pp. 107-114)

Hirokazu Kameoka, Takuya Nishimoto & Shigeki Sagayama: Harmonic-Temporal Clustering via Deterministic Annealing EM Algorithm for Audio Feature Extraction (pp. 115-122)

Jenn Riley: Exploiting Musical Connections: A Proposal for Support of Work Relationships in a Digital Music Library (pp. 123-129)

Ajay Kapur, Richard I. McWalter & George Tzanetakis: New Music Interfaces for Rhythm-Based Retrieval (pp. 130-136)

Ioannis Karydis, Alexandros Nanopoulos, Apostolos Papadopoulos, Dimitrios Katsaros & Yannis Manolopoulos: Content-Based Music Information Retrieval in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks (pp. 137-144)

Richard Lobb, Tim Bell & David Bainbridge: Fast Capture of Sheet Music for an Agile Digital Music Library (pp. 145-152)

Rainer Typke, Frans Wiering & Remco C. Veltkamp: A Survey of Music Information Retrieval Systems (pp. 153-160)

Graham E. Poliner & Daniel P. W. Ellis: A Classification Approach to Melody Transcription (pp. 161-166)

Emilios Cambouropoulos, Maxime Crochemore, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Manal Mohamed & Marie-France Sagot: A Pattern Extraction Algorithm for Abstract Melodic Representations that Allow Partial Overlapping of Intervallic Categories (pp. 167-174)

Rui Pedro Paiva: On the Detection of Melody Notes in Polyphonic Audio (pp. 175-182)

Wei-Ho Tsai, Hung-Ming Yu & Hsin-Min Wang: A Query-By-Example Technique for Retrieving Cover Versions of Popular Songs with Similar Melodies (pp. 183-190)

Olivier Lartillot: Efficient Extraction of Closed Motivic Patterns in Multi-Dimensional Symbolic Representations of Music (pp. 191-198)

Norman Adams, Daniela Marquez & Gregory Wakefield: Iterative Deepening for Melody Alignment and Retrieval (pp. 199-206)

Jeremy Pickens & Costas Iliopoulos: Markov Random Fields and Maximum Entropy Modeling for Music Information Retrieval (pp. 207-214)

Bryan Pardo & Manan Sanghi: Polyphonic Musical Sequence Alignment for Database Search (pp. 215-222)

Ning Hu & Roger B. Dannenberg: A Bootstrap Method for Training an Accurate Audio Segmenter (pp. 223-229)

Pierre Roy, Jean-Julien Aucouturier, François Pachet & Anthony Beurivé: Exploiting the Tradeoff Between Precision and Cpu-Time to Speed Up Nearest Neighbor Search (pp. 230-237)

Nancy Bertin, Alain de Cheveigné: Scalable Metadata and Quick Retrieval of Audio Signals (pp. 238-244)

Charles Parker: Applications of Binary Classification and Adaptive Boosting to the Query-By-Humming Problem (pp. 245-251)

Ming Li & Ronan Sleep: Genre Classification via an LZ78-Based String Kernel (pp. 252-259)

Arthur Flexer, Elias Pampalk & Gerhard Widmer: Novelty Detection Based on Spectral Similarity of Songs (pp. 260-263)

Richard Stenzel & Thomas Kamps: Improving Content-Based Similarity Measures by Training a Collaborative Model (pp. 264-271)

Fabio Vignoli & Steffen Pauws: A Music Retrieval System Based on User Driven Similarity and Its Evaluation (pp. 272-279)

David Meredith & Geraint Wiggins: Comparing Pitch Spelling Algorithms (pp. 280-287)

Meinard Mueller, Frank Kurth & Michael Clausen: Audio Matching via Chroma-Based Statistical Features (pp. 288-295)

Ching-Hua Chuan & Elaine Chew: Fuzzy Analysis in Pitch-Class Determination for Polyphonic Audio Key Finding (pp. 296-303)

Juan P. Bello & Jeremy Pickens: A Robust Mid-Level Representation for Harmonic Content in Music Signals (pp. 304-311)

Jean-François Paiement, Douglas Eck & Samy Bengio: A Probabilistic Model for Chord Progressions (pp. 312-319)

J. Stephen Downie, Kris West, Andreas Ehmann & Emmanuel Vincent: The 2005 Music Information retrieval Evaluation Exchange (MIREX 2005): Preliminary Overview (pp. 320-323)

Slim Essid, Gaël Richard & Bertrand David: Inferring Efficient Hierarchical Taxonomies for MIR Tasks: Application to Musical Instruments (pp. 324-328)

Hiromasa Fujihara, Tetsuro Kitahara, Masataka Goto, Kazunori Komatani, Tetsuya Ogata & Hiroshi G. Okuno: Singer Identification Based on Accompaniment Sound Reduction and Reliable Frame Selection (pp. 329-336)

Shankar Vembu & Stephan Baumann: Separation of Vocals from Polyphonic Audio Recordings (pp. 337-344)

Norman Casagrande, Douglas Eck & Balázs Kégl: Frame-Level Audio Feature Extraction Using AdaBoost (pp. 345-350)

Petri Toiviainen & Tuomas Eerola: Classification of Musical Metre with Autocorrelation and Discriminant Functions (pp. 351-357)

Masatoshi Hamanaka, Keiji Hirata & Satoshi Tojo: ATTA: Automatic Time-Span Tree Analyzer Based on Extended GTTM (pp. 358-365)

Roger B. Dannenberg: Toward Automated Holistic Beat Tracking, Music Analysis and Understanding (pp. 366-373)

Kristoffer Jensen, Jieping Xu & Martin Zachariasen: Rhythm-Based Segmentation of Popular Chinese Music (pp. 374-380)

Frank Kurth, Meinard Mueller, David Damm, Christian Fremerey, Andreas Ribbrock & Michael Clausen: Syncplayer - An Advanced System for Multimodal Music Access (pp. 381-388)

Eric Isaacson: What You See Is What You Get: on Visualizing Music (pp. 389-395)

Fabian Mörchen, Alfred Ultsch, Mario Nöcker & Christian Stamm: Databionic Visualization of Music Collections According to Perceptual Distance (pp. 396-403)

Masataka Goto & Takayuki Goto: Musicream: New Music Playback Interface for Streaming, Sticking, Sorting, and Recalling Musical Pieces (pp. 404-411)

Jean-Julien Aucouturier & François Pachet: Ringomatic: A Real-Time Interactive Drummer Using Constraint-Satisfaction and Drum Sound Descriptors (pp. 412-419)

Samer Abdallah, Katy Noland, Mark Sandler, Michael Casey & Christophe Rhodes: Theory and Evaluation of a Bayesian Music Structure Extractor (pp. 420-425)

Xavier Amatriain, Jordi Massaguer, David Garcia & Ismael Mosquera: The CLAM Annotator: A Cross-Platform Audio Descriptors Editing Tool (pp. 426-429)

Tim Bell, David Blizzard, Richard Green & David Bainbridge: Design of a Digital Music Stand (pp. 430-433)

Stuart Bray & George Tzanetakis: Distributed Audio Feature Extraction for Music (pp. 434-437)

J. Ashley Burgoyne & Lawrence K. Saul: Learning Harmonic Relationships in Digital Audio with Dirichlet-Based Hidden Markov Models (pp. 438-443)

Giordano Cabral, François Pachet & Jean-Pierre Briot: Automatic X Traditional Descriptor Extraction: the Case of Chord Recognition (pp. 444-449)

Margaret Cahill & Donncha Ó Maidín: Melodic Similarity Algorithms -- Using Similarity Ratings for Development and Early Evaluation (pp. 450-453)

Domenico Cantone, Salvatore Cristofaro & Simone Faro: On Tuning the (δ,α)-Sequential-Sampling Algorithm for δ-Approximate Matching with Alpha-Bounded Gaps in Musical Sequences (pp. 454-459)

Domenico Cantone, Salvatore Cristofaro & Simone Faro: Solving the (δ,α)-Approximate Matching Problem Under Transposition Invariance in Musical Sequences (pp. 460-463)

Oscar Celma, Miquel Ramírez, Perfecto Herrera: Foafing the Music: A Music Recommendation System based on RSS Feeds and User Preferences (pp. 464-467)

Wei Chai & Barry Vercoe: Detection of Key Change in Classical Piano Music (pp. 468-473)

Sally Jo Cunningham, J. Stephen Downie & David Bainbridge: "The Pain, the Pain": Modelling Music Information Behavior and the Songs We Hate (pp. 474-477)

Christophe Dalitz & Thomas Karsten: Using the Gamera Framework for Building a Lute Tablature Recognition System (pp. 478-481)

Sven Degroeve, Koen Tanghe, Bernard De Baets, Marc Leman & Jean-Pierre Martens: A Simulated Annealing Optimization of Audio Features for Drum Classification (pp. 482-487)

Ruth Dhanaraj & Beth Logan: Automatic Prediction of Hit Songs (pp. 488-491)

Simon Dixon & Gerhard Widmer: MATCH: A Music Alignment Tool Chest (pp. 492-497)

P. J. O. Doets & R.L. Lagendijk: Extracting Quality Parameters for Compressed Audio from Fingerprints (pp. 498-503)

Douglas Eck & Norman Casagrande: Finding Meter in Music Using An Autocorrelation Phase Matrix and Shannon Entropy (pp. 504-509)

Rebecca Fiebrink, Cory McKay & Ichiro Fujinaga: Combining D2K and JGAP for Efficient Feature Weighting for Classification Tasks in Music Information Retrieval (pp. 510-513)

David Gerhard: Pitch Track Target Deviation in Natural Singing (pp. 514-519)

Rob van Gulik & Fabio Vignoli: Visual Playlist Generation on the Artist Map (pp. 520-523)

Peyman Heydarian & Joshua D. Reiss: The Persian Music and the Santur Instrument (pp. 524-527)

H. Homburg, I. Mierswa, B. Moeller, K. Morik & M. Wurst: A Benchmark Dataset for Audio Classification and Clustering (pp. 528-531)

Toru Hosoya, Motoyuki Suzuki, Akinori Ito & Shozo Makino: Lyrics Recognition from a Singing Voice Based on Finite State Automaton for Music Information Retrieval (pp. 532-535)

Xiao Hu, J. Stephen Downie, Kris West & Andreas Ehmann: Mining Music Reviews: Promising Preliminary Results (pp. 536-539)

Ozgur Izmirli: Tonal Similarity from Audio Using a Template Based Attractor Model (pp. 540-545)

Jyh-Shing Roger Jang, Chao-Ling Hsu & Hong-Ru Lee: Continuous HMM and Its Enhancement for Singing/Humming Query Retrieval (pp. 546-551)

Phillip B. Kirlin & Paul E. Utgoff: VOISE: Learning to Segregate Voices in Explicit and Implicit Polyphony (pp. 552-557)

Tetsuro Kitahara, Masataka Goto, Kazunori Komatani, Tetsuya Ogata & Hiroshi G. Okuno: Instrument Identification in Polyphonic Music: Feature Weighting with Mixed Sounds, Pitch-Dependent Timbre Modeling, and Use of Musical Context (pp. 558-563)

Peter Knees, Markus Schedl & Gerhard Widmer: Multiple Lyrics Alignment: Automatic Retrieval of Song Lyrics (pp. 564-569)

Catherine Lai, Beinan Li & Ichiro Fujinaga: Preservation Digitization of David Edelberg's Handel LP Collection: A Pilot Project (pp. 570-575)

A.S. Lampropoulos, P.S. Lampropoulou & G.A. Tsihrintzis: Musical Genre Classification Enhanced by Improved Source Separation Technique (pp. 576-581)

Wei Liang, Shuwu Zhang & Bo Xu: A Hierarchical Approach for Audio Stream Segmentation and Classification (pp. 582-585)

Wei Liang, Shuwu Zhang & Bo Xu: A Histogram Algorithm for Fast Audio Retrieval (pp. 586-589)

Dominik Lübbers: SoniXplorer: Combining Visualization and Auralization for Content-Based Exploration of Music Collections (pp. 590-593)

Michael Mandel & Dan Ellis: Song-Level Features and Support Vector Machines for Music Classification (pp. 594-599)

Daniel McEnnis, Cory McKay, Ichiro Fujinaga & Philippe Depalle: jAudio: An Feature Extraction Library (pp. 600-603)

Anders Meng, John Shawe-Taylor: An Investigation of Feature Models for Music Genre Classification Using the Support Vector Classifier (pp. 604-609)

Annamaria Mesaros & Jaakko Astola: The Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients in the Context of Singer Identification (pp. 610-613)

J.E. Muñoz-Expósito, S. Garcia-Galón, N. Ruiz-Reyes, P. Vera-Candeas & F. Rivas-Peña: Speech/Music Discrimination Using a Single Warped LPC-Based Feature (pp. 614-617)

Robert Neumayer, Michael Dittenbach & Andreas Rauber: PlaySOM and PocketSOMPlayer, Alternative Interfaces to Large Music Collections (pp. 618-623)

Giovanna Neve & Nicola Orio: Experiments on Segmentation Techniques for Music Documents Indexing (pp. 624-627)

Elias Pampalk, Arthur Flexer & Gerhard Widmer : Improvements of Audio-Based Music Similarity and Genre Classificaton (pp. 628-633)

Elias Pampalk, Tim Pohle & Gerhard Widmer: Dynamic Playlist Generation Based on Skipping Behavior (pp. 634-637)

Steffen Pauws & Sander van der Wijdeven: User Evaluation of a New Interactive Playlist Generation Concept (pp. 638-643)

Geoffroy Peeters: Rhythm Classification Using Spectral Rhythm Patterns (pp. 644-647)

Jeremy Pickens: Classifier Combination for Capturing Musical Variation (pp. 648-651)

Aggelos Pikrakis & Sergios Theodoridis: A Novel HMM Approach to Melody Spotting in Raw Audio Recordings (pp. 652-657)

Chris Raphael: A Graphical Model for Recognizing Sung Melodies (pp. 658-663)

Craig Stuart Sapp: Online Database of Scores in the Humdrum File Format (pp. 664-665)

Nicolas Scaringella & Giorgio Zoia: On the Modeling of Time Information for Automatic Genre Recognition Systems in Audio Signals (pp. 666-671)

Elliot Sinyor, Cory McKay, Rebecca Fiebrink, Daniel McEnnis & Ichiro Fujinaga: Beatbox Classification Using ACE (pp. 672-675)

Robert Young Walser: Herding Folksongs (pp. 676-679)

Kris West & Stephen Cox: Finding An Optimal Segmentation for Audio Genre Classification (pp. 680-685)

Tillman Weyde & Christian Datzko: Efficient Melody Retrieval with Motif Contour Classes (pp. 686-689)

Wen Xue & Sandler M.: A Partial Searching Algorithm and Its Application for Polyphonic Music Transcription. (pp. 690-695)

Yi Yu, Chiemi Watanabe & Kazuki Joe: Towards a Fast and Efficient Match Algorithm for Content-Based Music Retrieval on Acoustic Data (pp. 696-701)

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